Cecil & Ellen

Dear Mr. Sonnhalter, (Broker at Keller Williams Realty)

As recent clients of Ben Heisler, we would like to express our appreciation for his recent involvement in selling our home at Belmont Country Club. Ben impressed us throughout the entire process with his business savvy, professionalism, responsiveness, communication skills, work ethic, congeniality, and interpersonal dexterity — to name a few qualities desirable in a realtor.

My wife Ellen and I had interviewed a handful of realtors before selecting Ben. We went with Ben because he struck us as earnest, capable, and hardworking. Ben expressed believable confidence that he could sell our home quickly at a seller-competitive price. So our expectations were high from the get-go.

Nonetheless, our appreciation for Ben increased as we progressed through the steps of staging, going on market, multiple showings, and grinding through multiple rounds of negotiations with the eventual buyer. In addition to serving his primary role as our agent in the sale negotiations, Ben proved helpful as an advisor, mediator (between Ellen and me, as well as us and the buyers!), and psychologist (when things got tense!). We really leaned on his level-headed support at times.

Ellen and I are especially grateful for Ben’s integrity and transparency. We knew that the only way Ben gets paid is for us to complete the sale. Nevertheless, Ben always made us feel that he was acting solely as our agent. We never got the feeling that Ben would sell us out. When negotiations got tense and irrational in the final stages, Ben remained comfortable with the possibility of us deciding to walk away and start over.

After an agreement for sale was reached, Ellen and I needed to secure a rental. You can ask Ben for the details, but to make a long story short, Ben showed us a lot of places before we signed an agreement at the 11th hour. The bottom line is that Ben demonstrated genuine interest in helping us find a place to live, even though monetarily it was probably not worth his time.

In summary, Ellen and I would enthusiastically recommend Ben Heisler to anyone thinking about buying or selling a home. In comparing our actual experience to what might have been (including the concurrent experiences of friends who used other agents), we feel fortunate to have worked specifically with Ben. We have conveyed these sentiments to him, but we also wanted tell someone “higher up” in the Keller Williams organization.

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